Dream Job Interview: Every Factor have an impact on mind as per psychology. How can you use one?

While looking forward to interviewing essential features like Dressing in formal, Good Communication, Being in discipline, Be authentic are considered, Isn’t it? But why is this?

For Instance, imagine two friends going for an interview, one doesn’t carry any of the above features while the other one takes all the features as mentioned above looking thoroughly disciplined and smart, as per an interviewer will you even let the first person be allowed for Interview? Worst will the person be allowed to enter the room even. The answer would be A Hard NO! Now, what if I tell you the first one is ranked and has a top with his creative knowledge that is a plus point for the company and the other just got cleared Masters with credit points and got no knowledge.


This is what psychology is, the Human mind automatically generates and revives the information observed and within seconds creates judgments and assumptions. An impression that determines the behavior and as they as the First impression is the last impression. You must look for Psychological factors that have an impact on mind and behavior.


It is important to choose the dress style carefully because people will make all sorts of assumptions and decisions about, without proper evidence. We are unlikely to know what these assessments are, so it is entirely possible that our clothes reveal more than we thought. This is quoted by many as “Dress for Success,” and undoubtedly it is so true. Let the interviewer know you are a perfect personality they need for the requirement.


Have you ever visited a line of thought of why people prefer specific colors over others? Does effectiveness of color have anything to do with interest, preferences or a little observation? If you go to same parameters, the judgment will have a positive output. As it is scientifically proven that every element has little some effect on the Human mind.

Color Psychology heads off as

  • Black color associated with power, elegance, formality, mystery, strength, and authority
  • Purple associated with royalty, power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.
  • Green associated with growth, harmony, stability, and endurance.
  • Yellow associated with happiness, intellect, energy, honor, and loyalty
  • Orange associated with enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success,
    encouragement, and stimulation.
  • White is a symbol of light, goodness, innocence, purity, and peace.

[Certainly, these color combinations with its features approach on usual assumptions and it is also affected by various other factors]

Time and Discipline

A primary factor to create a positive impression on Interviewer is to be on time and in a disciplined manner. Many top institutions follow this criterion, for example, IIM’s for enrolling students strategies to make the candidates await for hours to check whether they are capable of dealing with real-world situations patiently. Not just this there are various other methods as well. So, be on time, right to be on time and be in a disciplined manner.


Many times in an interview: A question jumps up; Do you have any questions, most candidates answer, “No.” It should not be the case one must ask questions as it too has the psychological impact it demonstrates an interest in what goes on in the company. And, take it as a tip, when you asked for different questions in an interview you must answer questions in a way they want as in to relate it with past events you have done that proves your skills and abilities without missing any of such opportunity of getting your dream job.

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