Problems you will face when studying abroad!

Loneliness: While studying abroad, you are far away from your family, friends and your support structure at home. Even the most open and friendly people are likely to find integrating into a completely new country and culture a bit of a challenge. So the feeling of loneliness is common at abroad. To overcome your loneliness, start communicating with new people by getting involved with the activities offered by the university and community. Stay connected to your family and friend at home through social media. Discuss your problem and difficulties via live Skype calls to make the life little easier at abroad.

Language Difficulties: This is quite difficult if you’re not a native speaker of the language of the country. Students may find it difficult to speak fluently in English and find it hard to clearly understand what the native students, professors etc. are saying. Even if you have studied English for many years, still it is difficult to understand the style of speech and slang can sometimes differ from one region or state to another. Your college or university is the perfect place to learn the native language of the country. It is also important for students to persevere and try to learn the language normally spoken in the new country. The more you use English when communicating with your friends, the more comfortable and confident you will become in your communication.

Financial Difficulties: Pursuing higher studies in abroad are expensive and students may face monetary problems at some point. While considering the cost associated with studying abroad students have to take care of tuition costs, accommodation costs, living expenses, books, the cost of traveling, etc. it may also be necessary to buy a personal computer or a laptop etc. to help oneself study. During a financial emergency, it is difficult to arrange for necessary funds needed to take care of expenses.

Adjustment and settlement: As a student, it is difficult to manage the entire cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. in the beginning unless accustomed to doing these jobs along with studies. In western countries, even domestic servant charge on an hourly basis, so it is very expensive and difficult to hire a helper for this job. Hence, students may face problems in managing household work with studies. However, with time the students will be able to adopt such a lifestyle and learn to commute with the lifestyle by themselves. One may face problems before it becomes part of their daily routine.

Accommodation Problems: Sometimes students may find it difficult to find suitable accommodation while pursuing higher studies in abroad. No doubt various types of dorms available for students at abroad, but it may also be difficult to find accommodation that is near the university campus, has a good infrastructure and suits their budget and comfort level.