Things students should know about Canada

Canada is a multicultural nation situating in the Northern half of North America. With 9.98 million square kilometres, it becomes the world’s second largest country by total area and also, the fourth largest country by land area. Its capital city is Ottawa, while Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto and Hamilton are the other urban areas of this beautiful country. Here we are going to show you some other facts about Canada that you should know:


  • Canada has its sea borders with three oceans namely the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Thus, country’s motto “A Mari Usque ad Mare” means “From Sea to Sea”.
  • Economy of Canada is also stable and growing as well it has vast resources.
  • International students shouldn’t have to pay more tuition fees in Canada, which also makes its special from other countries.
  • Canada is constituted with six time zones.
  • Canada has uniqueness in its educational system as nearly all the universities in Canada are publicly funded and accredited.
  • Admission in undergraduate courses in Canada is comparatively easy from other countries.
  • With the presence of so many beautiful churches, the city of Montreal has the title of The City of Saints or City of a Hundred Bell Towers.
  • Students in Canada are free to work while pursuing their education. Making it the perfect choice for students.
  • In Canada, to take admissions in the professional courses likewise dentistry, architecture, law and engineering is relatively difficult than other courses.
  • For studying in Quebec, French is a must language you should know.
  • Punjabi is the third most common language of Canada. This speaks about the commitment of the government to adhere to cultural diversity in the country.
  • Getting a Permanent Residency in Canada is relatively much easier in comparison with Australia, UK and US. Since the youth is in demand there in Canada, students from all countries of the world are welcome there and given awesome opportunities for education and career growth.