Things not to forget before moving to Canada

Documents and finance: Make sure you carry all your essential documents with you, so you will have them available when you arrive in Canada. You should keep your Passport, visas, work & study permits, birth certificate, ID cards, Plane Tickets, medical report, money, and emergency telephone numbers. Take copies of your necessary records and graduation certificate. You should bring a USB flash drive with the soft copies of all your documents that you may need. You can also upload them to an online storage site. You may travel by some cash in Canadian Dollar for when you first land; cash in hand is also required for any emergencies you may face.

Medication: Bring the medicine you need with prescriptions and ideally with your medical report. If you take prescription medication, you should bring enough to last for your entire time in Canada, or find out whether your medicines are easily available in your new home country. You should bring a typed prescription referring to the generic name of the medication if you need to have it refilled. You should pack your immunization and health records as well.

Clothing: You should pack your clothes according to the weather and climate because different countries will have different clothing requirements. As you are researching your new area, make sure you also research the climate, which of course will decide what you need to pack. Pack mostly casual clothing, with a handful of more formal outfits. At Canada, you can expect to experience the four seasons. So, you should pack accordingly. You should pack T-shirt, jeans, night wears, rain coat, jackets, hats, gloves, socks, warmers, footwear and some formal wear. Take the essentials and buy more than needed when you get to college.

Electronics: you should bring only essential or basic electronics like Laptop, music player, tablet and mobile phone with you to college to help them stay in touch with family. You should pack the charger of the entire electronic gadget you bring with you. You should keep an extra adapter with the devices you are bringing. Always pack your electronics in your hand bag, as they could be ruined in your suitcase.

Personal Hygiene Products: You should pack travel size amount of your everyday toiletries Instead, of Huge bottles of shampoo and soap take Sachet and placed in zip lock bags to avoid leaking. There are limitations about how much liquid carried in your hand luggage, so keep that in mind while packing your bags.

Personal Items: Of course, this move involves starting fresh but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to miss your family and loved ones. Bring photos of your family and loved ones, so you can see the faces of them. If you are bringing a laptop, this is little easier since you can upload many pictures and your favorite music on it. Having a Laptop is also a great way to stay connected to your family and friend at home where you can talk to them via Skype.