Hello I am Gurinder Bhatti, Immigration and Education Consultant

I have a Team of Young Dedicated Passionate and Growth Hungry Expert

About Gurinder Bhatti

Mr. Gurinder Bhatti is an Indian foreign consultant and a successful entrepreneur at a very young age running a company of Immigration & Study Consulting professionals ‘ESS Global Pvt. Ltd’ in Punjab, India.

The journey for this dynamic entrepreneur was not one of the rags-to-riches but it began with his departure for the UK for higher education. The cumbersome process of filling an application to study abroad left a deep impact on his inquisitive mind which inspired him to start his own consultancy to fulfil the desires of thousands of students who wish to go abroad and make better career. With this purpose he began his consultancy services in 2001 which got huge response for its superior services and honest advice's.

Later on, he established ESS Global in 2007 and in this short span of time he has won the trust and respect among his clients. He is trusted name in his field for providing worldwide immigration consultancy services. His company ESS Global has gems of counselors having good knowledge, experience & services for the students who wish to go abroad for studies.

While at a time when most of his friends were finishing their degrees or beginning their ascent up the corporate ladders, he made a fortune before he reached his third decade. His objective was to be recognized as the quality provider of foreign guidance & Education Services along with client's trust within his consultancy. It was indeed his fierce determination and self-starter mentality which made him stand out in the crowd. In his interactions with his clients, business associates and colleagues he seeks to deal with others as he would have them deal with him.

Glance overview of ESS Global

ESS Global Pvt. Ltd. has worked hard with integrity and transparency since 2001 to build a reputation for being most trusted and most recognized education consultancy. we are a team of passionate, dedicated and experienced who work to realize the dreams of aspiring candidates with innovation, optimism, and professionalism.

Highly reputed for our deep, credible and supportive facilitation for students’ overseas education, we have set highest benchmarks in tune with global competencies. but above all, we cherish our values of clarity, reliability, and responsibility towards our clients.

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