Are you refused from Australia and canada Student visa? Don't Worry! These five tips will help you get visa

Are you tensed of a refusal of Canada or Australia Student Visa or yet still worse undergone this situation. Don’t worry apply again considering this tips or say steps that will ultimately lead you to your dreams. Seeing them, working on them, achieving them. And the reason for rejection of Visa can vary from student to student.

The reason for the rejection is mentioned to you officially. If you are rejected in Canadian student Visa then there is a caps note in which the reason is mentioned while if you are rejected in Australian student Visa then you get an email from Visa officer regarding the cancellation reason.

Here are five tips to crack Australia or Canada Student Visa:-

  1. Choose good consultant :

It is quite important to choose a good consultant in order to have perfect guidance to your case. As not you but the consultant knows very well that if you are having less academic scores or bands or finance etc what to do and also they know to frame your Statement of Purpose SOP. So do choose your consultant who can enlighten you to a proper path but wisely. If because of consultant you faced rejection then do this time to look for a good recognized and experienced consultant. You can take help from Gurinder Bhatti as well who is well-renowned immigration consultant in India.


  1. Submit valid documents :

Next thing to your consideration comes into the takeoff is valid documents. Though the Visa process of Australia has now changed and has become liberal but then too documents are must and it very important to provide embassy with proper and valid documents. If you have been rejected due to this reason then do correct it by this time providing correct documents.


  1. Band Scores :

Another being the band scores. The minimum score for English Proficiency exam for IELTS being 6 bands and PTE being 64 scores. You must have at least this much scores but having more will definitely increase your approval to Visa. If because of score you faced rejection this do study properly and grab the opportunity of Visa approval.


  1. Course correction :

Also, embassy considers the course you have selected and that can also be the reason for rejection. So, if you fall in this category do check and choose proper course considering it to be in a progression stage.


  1. Filing according to recent changes :

After recognizing your area of problem fill for Visa again but now according to the changes that are introduced. Along you have to even mention the reason for cancellation that you receive officially that is Australian student gets an email from Visa officer whereas Canadian student gets a caps note. After this, you can apply.