Are you struggling with IELTS? Opt PTE

Competitive exams are must to follow your ambition of studying abroad, and there are various patterns that these competitive exams follow.

Competitive exams like IELTS or PTE are considered by many foreign institutions to check on the English Proficiency of the student.

Though the content of these exams, whether IELTS or PTE, remains same and follows a flow of Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening, the pattern and difficulty or excellence level of the exams differ.

IELTS is purely paper-based while PTE is an Internet-based test.But choice may differ from person to person to either opt for paper-based or internet-based test

IELTS [International English Language Testing System] a paper-based test sometimes create difficulties, as it is a bit time consuming for few.

If you are also having trouble with IELTS exam than opt for PTE as it is acceptable by many foreign institutions and also is comparatively easy.

PTE Pearson Test for English also includes four Modules that are Reading, Speaking, writing, and Listening same as IELTS test, but the significant difference between the two tests is PTE is Online Computer based test.

Why can one also opt PTE rather than IELTS? or Benefits of PTE

Firstly, this test as mentioned is comparatively easy, online and flexible.

Further, PTE test for studying abroad accepted by various universities and colleges that may fall in your favor. Top or best universities in Australia or Canada consider PTE and that made PTE get in this list of exams.

Usually, these competitive exams provide report card with just bands or marks, detailed explanation of where one got wrong? Or what were the mistakes? Leave the failed candidates questioning.

This case is not on the side of PTE as this test provides with the complete explanation of accuracy, section marks, Grammar error information, etc.

Moreover, PTE test results or scorecards are out within 5-6 days from the exam date that makes one comfortable with the situation.

Furthermore, PTE test has an easy booking or flexible registration, and there are more seats available as compared to IELTS.

Difficulty level too is in favor of PTE when we analogize in balance to IELTS.

So, if you are having trouble with cracking IELTS, another door is as always open, opt for PTE…!