Australia Visa Guide

         “A student’s guide for Australia Visa”

As from 1st July 2016, the Visa rules to Australia got easier and simpler and changing from SVP streamlined visa processing to SSVF simplified student visa framework also brought changes in the process providing and implementing new guidelines under subclass 500. If you are planning on for going and studying in Australia look out for the new guidelines that are discussed below.

         AUSTRALIA VISA GUIDE                                            

All you need to know:-

  • Changes according to SSVF
  • Eligibility criterion
  • GTE requirements
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Health Examination
  • VISA validity or duration


What is SSVF?

Simplified student visa framework as per the name suggests a simplified framework for a student visa to Australia. What are the changes that came up in the Visa process?

The whole process is now made online from form to payment.
Before 1st July 2016 the visa process was handled under assessment level but now as SSVF came into process the rule has now been made reducing the risk level.

Programs under subclass 500 are:
Higher graduation

As the whole application process is made online risk of errors increases if one goes to apply in person as it demands to upload the scanned documents and so you need to have access to a digital scanner and its technicalities to adjust so it is advisable to look for advice from recognized source for you to not get juggled off. Mr. Gurinder Bhatti is one of the best immigration consultants in India and Specialized in Australian Student Visa you can also check with him.

Eligibility criterion?

The eligibility criterion being an academic score, age, fund, English proficiency level, etc. Academic score being you need to score 60% or above in standard 12 along with having the 4 best subjects of yours. Age being above 18 years. English proficiency level to check your ability of English language there are various competitive exams that are considered by Australian universities that being TOEFL, IELTS, PTE etc. and minimum requirement of IELTS being 5.5 bands overall and so on for which you must undergo with taking classes of English language courses so as to crack this exam. Even there are some consultants who with their years of experience can let you get your Visa approval at band 5 so it is advisable to take guidance from the recognized immigration consultants.

GTE Requirements?

GTE genuine temporary entrant that checks on you whether you a genuine candidate for Australia or not by the way of asking questions like:-

Why study in Australia? Why choose this particular university or college? Awareness about conditions on Visa? Benefit on the selected course? Is it in a progression of your previous education or not? Etc. How to answer the questions or which course to select becomes very crucial for GTE requirements.


Another aspect on Australia student visa process id SOP that is a statement of purpose that is a statement which you frame stating why you are opting the course, will it benefit you, Future goals etc that represents you. An only document that represents you is SOP and so it is again very much important to have full attention and concentration while you opt to write and frame it in a way institution wants if you want approval for Visa.

Health examination?

Also, Visa takes into consideration health checkup or examination and health insurance that you need to have from listed doctors and to attach those reports scanned one’s and also undergo a health insurance policy till you are in Australia.

Visa conditions/duration/validity?

The visa validity is in accordance with the study permit that is to say same as your course duration.

So, when to plan for Visa application process, how to frame it and apply for it becomes a cumbersome process if done in person so one must consider taking advice so as to not face difficulties or inconveniences in terms of Visa delay or Visa refusal.