Gurinder Bhatti always inspires confidence in the student wishing to go Abroad

Gurinder Bhatti will never let any student down. This statement should infuse lot of confidence in the student aspiring to go to foreign shores for higher education. The question that may arise in some minds is that why should one go to foreign shores for higher studies. Are there not enough facilities in India itself? This is a difficult question to answer. However, we can say one thing with certainty that acquiring a foreign degree can be a great advantage to the student in life. It could be for pursuing a career in the foreign country itself. You can also use the knowledge to construct a new industry in India too.

The role of consultants:
Foreign education is attractive to students. There is no doubt that a good foreign degree would be very useful to the student in his future life. However, you have to work hard to acquire the foreign degree. Your preparation for a foreign degree should start at least a year before. You have to start preparing for your GRE as well as the English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. The consultant can play a very important role in shaping the career of the student by offering him or her valuable tips that can be of great use. Your aim should be to attain a high GRE score. This would enable you to get admission in the course as well as university of your choice. In addition, the system in the US is such that they function on a first come first served basis. This makes it imperative for you to apply for the universities as early as possible. The consultant at Ess Global would be happy to guide you in this matter.

Advantages of studying abroad:
Once you secure your admission, you will have to move to the foreign country for your education. There are many advantages of studying abroad. We shall highlight a few of them.

New system of education: You can experience a new kind of education different from that you would get in India.

Embrace a new culture: You would be able to see the world and imbibe a new culture. You will experience a new kind of life.

Improve language skills: The English you speak in India is different from what you would have to speak in the foreign location. This can improve your language skills.

Career advancement: Once you complete your education in the foreign country, you become eligible for employment. Usually, students take education loans for completing their studies. By gaining employment there itself, you would be able to earn enough to repay the loan.

You have seen some advantages of studying abroad. There are many more such advantages. These advantages should convince you to take up studies abroad. Of course, you do have the option to return to India after completing your studies. Maybe this is what Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa consultant taught you to reply to the question posed by the visa official.

It is your wish to stay abroad or come back to India immediately. Come what may, Gurinder Bhatti would never let you down.