Gurinder Bhatti is an asset as far as your Foreign education is concerned

Gurinder Bhatti has a bag load of tricks to share with you. India, as a country lays great emphasis on academics. The education system in India is such that it does not give much importance to practical training as far as the core subjects are concerned. There is more emphasis on the theory aspect. Hence, you may find Indians as very strong in theory and comparatively less in the practical aspects. However, the situation in the foreign countries is something very different. They concentrate more on assignments and practical training more that the academic part of the subject.

Be fully prepared:
When you venture out for further studies, you will have to abide by the rules and regulations of the foreign university. They would be completely different from what you have here. Hence, you have to prepare academically as well as psychologically. This is the design of the GRE. The GRE is a test of academics as well logical reasoning ability. You require specialized training to appear in the examinations.

This is where you require the consultants to help you. They have tremendous experience in dealing with GRE. They know the modalities of the exam. They base their training on these lines. You require a different approach while handling the GRE. Your usual academic way would not be enough. Thus, we can say that Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global, with his bag full of tricks, would be able to help you.

The SOP concept:
This is again a new concept as far as India is concerned. You have to prepare the SOP and send it to the foreign university. The SOP is nothing but a declaration from your side about the course you would like to apply. You should be able to justify the reasons as to why you have applied for this course as a specialization subject. Your reasons should be compelling and convincing to the foreign university.

There are professionals who can help you draft an interesting and effective SOP. You can take their help. The consultants at Ess Global are equally adept at this activity. Since they know you and your aptitude, they would be in a better position to draft your SOP keeping your capabilities in mind.

This is again beneficial to you. Your SOP will remain the basic document for reference in the future. You may have to answer some questions at the University when you report at the place. Your views should be in consonance with your SOP. Similarly, the visa official here may have some doubts to clarify your intentions. Your SOP will come in handy here too.

The Visa Interview:
The visa interview is a purely psychological one in all respects. The visa official would never be able to judge your intelligence as well as academic brilliance in the limited time available to him. He will judge the practical aspects of your thinking. The tips provided by Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa would be of great help to you under the circumstances.