Canada Visa Guide

Guide to Canada Student Visa

Canada’s never-ending tempt to attract international students have always been in favor attracting more number of people to Canada for study. If you are thinking of studying in Canada look what it has to serve in store for you. And also what are the requirements to be dealt with if you are considering Canada to study for. For admission at top universities of Canada, one basically requires academic score, English proficiency, and permission to study in Canada that is study permit. Also if you are seeking admission to a university in Canada you must also be in need of Temporary Resident Visa. What are the scores needed and what is a study permit for Canada is detailed below? Check out all you need to…


Canada visa Guide

Criterion for Canadian Visa and all about it:-

Canadian Visa process is both offline and online and so one can pay the fees either online or offline. Online means by Credit card and offline basically facilitates demand draft that is to be drawn in the favour Canada high commission or cash in favour VAC’s and this fees is to be paid at the time of submission of application. Consider taking the fees receipt of the payment as a proof or evidence. Canadian student Visa or Temporary Resident Visa is provided by Canadian high commission whereas it is facilitated by Visa application centers. Even agents help you with this process.

Apply to Canada student Visa:

As it is stated the Canadian Visa process is both online and offline.

If you going online you need to upload the scanned documents that are required to you and mentioned below and if you are opting for offline process then the documents you need to submit along with application form and after having the acceptance letter from the college you should apply for Visa process. The major intake being September in which all courses are available with universities and also many students apply in September for Canada. If you by any chance having a forethought of applying for Canada student visa in September then you must begin with your visa process around June.

Process of applying offline

  • Fill application form from application kit and following the instructions check the documents needed.
  • Submit documents
  • Pay Fees
  • Obtain receipt that has tracking number that can be used to track your visa application process progress
  • If Visa is approved submit your passport or if refusal the fees is non-refundable

Documents needed for Canadian Student Visa

While contemplating the view of Canadian student Visa the documentation part becomes quite crucial and it should be done carefully without plunging yourself into any difficulties as it can also lead your Visa to delay or refusal.

Authentic Passport

As per Canadian high commission your passport must be valid in terms if your course period is 2 years and you have applied in September 2017 then your passport must be valid  till September 2019 or rather the course period is of 4 years then your passport must be valid till September 2021 that is study permit and then after you get 3 years of work permit in Canada.

Acceptance letter from College you want to seek education

You will get a letter of acceptance from the college or university you are planning to go to and that is to be submitted along with all documents at the time of Visa application process.

Health Examination 

 It is mandatory for international students to have a health or medical examination under Immigration medical examination from the listed doctors and thereby the doctors will accordingly provide the reports to CIC for a complete medical checkup.

Financial evidence

The proof of bank statement stating that you have enough funds to have a living status in Canada or for paying of fees like transportation, accommodation, tuition fees etc