Things you need to understand about GTE?


Have you got proper bands to study in Australia but were still rejected in GTE that is Genuine Temporary Entrant which is another step to look forward too to get VISA. The reason behind rejection can be various which one must for sure know to unbound the hurdles which are for your information are described in the below points:-


For GTE you must be fulfilling three criteria but again they are also have their conditions that must too be satisfactorily fulfilled and they are as under

Either you are a student who completed 12th or Graduation or Masters there are three things to know about which GTE considers for VISA approval

12th| Graduate | Master’s ——– Work Experience ———– Course Selection

Here this three things should be interconnected to each other and must for sure be in the progressing stage so as to get the VISA approval if not the case rather it is in declining form then it will lead you to VISA rejection. The main thing that is considered by GTE is course selection which must be proper.

Apart from this, it also consider the score of 12th 4 main subjects that are best ones based on relevancy must be above 60% along with IELTS band of minimum 6. Know what relevancy means it means that the students must be exclusive of language based ones that are Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit it must also exclude subjects like Physical education, Religious subjects, drawing or painting.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The second criteria being The Statement of Purpose which deals with writing a good piece of statement describing what are your life goals, purpose, aim for say having a good business in medical field. It not just includes describing but also in a good  way which must be attractive and interesting and must relate to your course content so as to have a clarity for VISA officers.  For this purpose generates the need of Expert Advice and therefore this VISA process have consultants and advisers.

  • Financial Background along with current income of family

The third feature for GTE being Financial Background which checks on whether you are properly capable of having a good living status in the country you are applying for VISA. Along with financial background GTE also considers the income of the family as someone may be going to get rid of debts which will not be allowed by VISA officers which ultimately leads to cancellation of VISA.

  • Value of Course

In the meantime when this points are taken into effect the another one comes up is the course value you are opting for as the course must have the value even in international country and home country then and only then the VISA gets approval.

  • It also considers following questions which must be satisfactorily answered to have the result in the favor:-
  1. Why study in this country?
  2. Why only this country?
  3. Benefit of Course?
  4. Are you aware of VISA conditions?

These are the criteria GTE considers !

GTE is also along with SSVF and if you are still unaware about the same read the following so as to have clear understanding to have VISA approval

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